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caleb martin


Caleb Martin

Maintenance Pruning Specialist

Caleb was born and raised in Fort Collins.  He graduated from Fort Collins High School but after graduating he wasn’t sure what course of study in college interested him so he went to work for ZGL at the age of 19.  During his time here he has grown and matured both personally and professionally.  He has attended several Master Gardner and Botany classes through CSU.

He began his career at ZGL as a maintenance mower/trimmer employee and has worked his way up to supervisor of the pruning crew, where he oversees the pruning of trees, lilacs, grasses and much more.  His main priority is to make sure that their work meets and exceeds expectations!  Through this work he has found a true passion for pruning and tree work.  One of his goals for the future is to improve his knowledge in every aspect of landscaping.

Caleb grew up participating in motocross and supercross events; he started at the ripe old age of 3!  Family has always been a big part of his life.  He’s a dog dad and lives with his beautiful girlfriend and their son Mango.  He has a passion for music, art and traveling!  During his free-time he enjoys cooking, watching movies (especially Star Wars), playing basketball, tennis, golf and going on adventures to places he’s never been before.

LIKES: Star Wars, motorcycles, golf, art, music and Coors Banquet

DISLIKES: Jose, snakes, peanut butter, laziness, Arrowhead water

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