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Jason Brown


Jason has lived in Colorado since 1996 and grew up near Colorado Springs.  He has an Associates degree in Horticulture from Front Range Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Horticulture Turfgrass Management from Colorado State University.  Jason has spent time in the golf industry and landscape construction.  He also has certifications in Sustainable Landscape Management, Irrigation and Concrete Paver Installation.  Jason has been in the Green industry for over 17 years and truly enjoys helping others enjoy the outdoors as much as he does volunteering his time to teach classes through the City of Fort Collins Gardens on Spring Creek.  His passion for landscaping and the outdoors can be seen daily in how he works with clients and his coworkers.


Jason is married to his wonderful wife, Annaliese, a history professor at two local colleges and enjoys spending time with her and their dog. Jason enjoys gardening, working on his trucks, carpentry, hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors.


Likes:  Positive attitudes, helping people, honesty and integrity in himself and those around him


Dislikes:  Fennel, tik tok trends, bad drivers and selfish people

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