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Julian Dondelinger


Julian Dondelinger


Julian is a proud Colorado Native that has lived in Fort Collins for over thirty years. Julian developed a love for plants at an early age gardening with his parents. He started his career in professional greenhouse work during 2012. This line of work eventually progressed to landscape installations where his true passion resides. Julian has been with Zak George Landscape for the last six years. Julian has worked several positions within ZGL which has provided him a diverse set of professional skills to the trade. Julian’s hard work ethic is second to none. On any day Julian can be found behind the wheel of heavy machinery, contracting documents on the computer, or a shovel in hand. His professional character can be defined through his passion and drive to lead others towards success. With his attention to detail, problem solving skills, effective team management and excellent customer service, Julian is a true representation of the company culture here at ZGL and our work performance.

In Julian’s free time you are sure to find him deep in the mountains enjoying the Colorado wilderness. A proud uncle, big brother and father of a brindle pup named Xena, Julian thinks of himself as a true “family man.” His passion for slacklining, yoga, art and sustainability has led him to a Director position within the Breathe Slackline and Discovery festival.

LIKES: Mountain biking, slacklining, frisbee golf, backpacking, live music, a good craft brew and catching trout in the Poudre river

DISLIKES: Spending long hours indoors, lazy people, big egos, Monsanto, factory meat farms, and Brison

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