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Kim Kosofsky


Kim was born and raised in the big city of Queens NY. She has a twin brother and both of them were put into foster care at the age of 5. After so much time they finally got adopted by some amazing parents when we were 13 years old. Her family moved out to Fort Collins back in August 2008 and she graduated from Rocky Mountain High School. Before coming to work for ZGL, Kim had been working in Hospitality as a receptionist, but it was time for a change in her life and she decided she wanted to do something a little different. A self proclaimed computer nerd has helped with the daily tasks Kim has here at ZGL. She is a single mom of a beautiful 7 year old, who takes up all of her spare time. They love to have snuggles on the couch and watch movies with their 3 dogs Sadie, Freya and Princess. They also love cooking together and playing video games (can’t forget about Crash Bandicoot.) When not hanging out with her kiddo she loves to sleep in and read a good book in bed!

Likes- Nachos, Reading/writing and enjoying time with family and COFFEE
Dislikes- Spiders, getting hung up on and doctor visits

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