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Robben George


Robben was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. During her freshman year of high school her parents moved out east to Calhan to 40 acres of beautiful country living. It was then that she decided to join 4-H and raise goats, since her Dad said no to horses. This would teach her many skills and make her many lifelong connections, like meeting her future husband, Zak. Another one of those connections led her to working for a local Nursery and Garden Center in the Springs (where Zak also worked for the summers!), what started as a summer job grew into her love and passion for all things plants and trees. It was during this time she received her Colorado Certified Nursery Professional (CCNP) certification and continued working in the green industry after moving to Fort Collins in 2004, until the need for a full time office staff at ZGL became necessary in 2006. After a few years off, 10 to be exact, to have and raise some human babies, Robben came back to ZGL in 2021. During her time as a full time mom she took her skills to non profit boards around the community as well as PTA boards from preschool and beyond.

Robben and Zak have been married since 2007 and together they have 2 boys, Holden and Bo, with at least one rescued mutt dog thrown into the mix as well. In her down time she enjoys indoor cycling, gardening, travel and adventures with her family and cheering her boys on at their various sports events.

Likes: Jesus, Coffee on my patio, tacos, serving others, CycleBar, chips & queso, naps and summer breaks with my boys.

Dislikes: Coconut, Unnecessary drama, scary movies, a phone call that could have been a text

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