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Outdoor Holiday Lighting Services

Welcome festive cheer this holiday season with Zak George Landscaping. We’re here to turn your property into an enchanting winter wonderland with custom-tailored outdoor holiday lighting services. Embrace the magic of the most anticipated time of the year with our residential and commercial holiday light decorating services in Fort Collins, CO.

Outdoor lights glow for the holiday season in Fort Collins, CO

Welcome Festive Cheer With Professional Holiday Lighting

Zak George Landscaping is Fort Collins, CO’s leading choice for striking holiday lighting displays. To enhance the magic of the holidays, we serve as your dedicated holiday lighting partner from conception to completion. Our all-inclusive services include everything from custom design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage.

Benefits of Holiday Lighting Services

Professional holiday lighting services are an excellent way to tap into the festive spirit without sacrificing your schedule or safety. The advantages of working with our team include:

  • Prevent accidents and injuries
  • Save on decorations, hardware, ladders, and other associated costs
  • Greater design possibilities and expert results
  • Cost-effective, energy-efficient LED lighting

Types of Holiday Lighting Services

Amplify the appeal of your property with dazzling holiday displays that capture the joyful essence of the holiday season with Zak George Landscaping. With a commitment to accommodating diverse customer aspirations, we provide various high-quality holiday lighting services, including:

  • Residential holiday lighting
  • Commercial holiday lighting
  • Special event holiday lighting

Residential Holiday Lighting Service

Turn your Fort Collins, CO, home into an enchanting holiday retreat with our holiday house lighting service. We’re here to illuminate your property with tailored lighting materials and personalized designs that bring your vision to life. Leave hazardous decorating demands and complex displays to our team to maximize the charm of your home this holiday season.

Commercial Holiday Lighting Service

Discover the power of festive, eye-catching commercial holiday lighting displays. With our inclusive, bespoke holiday lighting designs, you can boost your business’ exposure, attract new visitors, and leave a memorable impression on passersby. Our full-service commercial holiday lighting increases your business’ visibility and brightens the community without infringing on your schedule, operational productivity, or safety.

Special Event Holiday Lighting Services

From corporate parties to community gatherings and everything in between, Zak George Landscaping is your source for special event holiday lighting services. Our personalized process enables you to optimize the ambiance of your festivities with custom lighting displays that exude seasonal magic.

Designing Your Holiday Lighting Display

Our role is to create striking holiday displays that reflect what the holidays mean to you. Our design process is built on a foundation of collaboration and creativity. We work with you to understand your vision, functional requirements, and the architectural makeup of your property to develop one-of-a-kind color schemes, themes, and display set-ups.

Selection of Holiday Lighting Fixtures & Decorations

With a focus on individuality, our inventory of lighting fixtures and holiday landscape decorations is plentiful. From traditional charm to modern innovations, we step beyond your standard string lights. Our expansive collection features a number of energy-efficient, high-quality LED light fixtures to accommodate versatile display ideas.

Holiday Lighting Installation


You no longer have to worry about dragging out the tallest ladder you can find to install full holiday light displays. Our experts handle every facet of holiday lighting on your behalf. We combine expert skills, rigorous safety protocols, and advanced equipment to seamlessly install minor to complex displays with the utmost precision.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Keep your home or business sparkling all season long with Zak George Landscaping’s responsive holiday lighting maintenance and repair services. When a light goes out or a fixture malfunctions, simply reach out to our team, and we will promptly dispatch a team member to remedy the issue at your earliest convenience.

Holiday Lighting Removal & Storage

Alleviate the hassle of squeezing holiday lighting removal into your busy schedule. Mitigate the risks and inconveniences of this process with Zak George Landscaping. With our comprehensive service, we handle your holiday lighting removal and storage, restoring your property to its original form and ensuring your decorations remain protected, secure, and in pristine condition.

Choose Zak George Landscaping

Zak George Landscaping is Fort Collins, CO’s partner in landscape optimization. We are a locally owned and operated business defined by highly trained experts with a reputation for excellence. We are committed to unwavering professionalism and attention to detail. From holiday lighting to complete landscape overhauls, count on us for the highest standards of quality care.

Secure Your Holiday Light Decorating Services

Get proactive about your festive flair this holiday season with Zak George Landscaping. Our schedule fills up fast, so get started with us soon to ensure you are able to get on our schedule for holiday lighting services. To secure your custom lighting display, contact our friendly team today.

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