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Mulching Experts in Fort Collins, Colorado

Zak George Landscaping has been providing mulching services for residential and commercial customers throughout Fort Collins, Colorado, and the surrounding communities. As the area’s leader in mulching, we’re committed to delivering a clean and transformative appearance to your property. Since 2005, we have assisted hundreds of home and business owners throughout the community. Laying down mulch is an affordable and easy way to improve your property’s curb appeal. Choosing a professional to lay it for you ensures that the job is completed quickly and looks fantastic. Our landscaping professionals can help you transform your property with our mulching service. Get started today with a landscaping estimate.

Our Mulch Laying Process

Many homeowners may consider laying mulch during the weekend. Though it’s not a challenging project for homeowners to undertake, it can be time-consuming and strenuous. When you choose Zak George Landscaping to lay down mulch, you can feel confident that we’ll complete the job within the project timeline. Our team has spent years laying mulch for homes and businesses throughout the area. We follow a comprehensive mulch-laying process that ensures exceptional, long-lasting results. Learn more about our process:

  1. Remove Weeds – Whether we’re creating a new mulch bed or tending to an old one, our first step is to remove existing weeds. Our team will ensure the weed is eliminated by digging up the root. Removing roots will prevent them from growing up through the mulch bed.
  2. Create the Edge – We use an edge tool to evenly cut the grass around the mulch bed for a clean and professional look. The edge adds a refined look and will prevent the mulch from mixing with the grass.
  3. Prepare the Area – For existing mulch beds, we will remove the old mulch before applying the new mulch. Our team will use landscaping fabric to stifle weed growth when creating a fresh mulch bed.
  4. Lay the Mulch – Finally, our team will begin laying the mulch down. We apply an even coat that won’t suffocate your plants or flowers.
What Are the Benefits of Mulching?

There are numerous benefits to choosing a professional landscaping company to lay your mulch beds. At Zak George Landscaping, our knowledgeable landscaping team follows a comprehensive mulching process to ensure you get the most benefits from your new mulch bed.

  • Increases Curb Appeal – One of the most significant benefits of laying mulch is the added curb appeal. If you plan on selling your home, mulching is an affordable home improvement project that can create stunning exterior scenery. It’s also enticing for buyers because mulch is a low-maintenance landscaping material.
  • Insulates the Soil – Your plants must be protected from sudden and extreme temperature changes during the winter and summer months. By laying down mulch over your plants during seasonal changes, you can ensure they survive the following year.
  • Prevents Weeds – Mulch not only helps protect your plants and flowers; it prevents weed growth. Weeds siphon vital nutrients away from your other plants and create a hostile environment for your flowers to grow.
  • Maintains Moisture – Laying down mulch will keep your plants and flowers healthy. Mulch absorbs and retains moisture. Not only will it prevent plants from drowning from excessive rain, but it will also store the moisture giving plants the nutrients they need during the dry season.

Choosing the Right Mulch for Your Home

Bark mulch is the most popular mulch available. So it’s no surprise there is a wide variety of mulch colors and types from which to choose. AT Zak George Landscaping, we carry a variety of mulch colors and styles to meet your needs. We’ll meet with you to decide which mulch is suitable for your home. Our mulch types include:
Pine Bark Mulch
Aged Bark Mulch
Hemlock Bark Mulch
Cedar Bark Mulch
And More

Local Leader for Residential & Commercial Mulching Services

Home and business owners throughout Fort Collins, Colorado, and the surrounding communities trust the experts at Zak George Landscaping. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial landscaping services. Improve the curb appeal of your property with our mulching services. By following an extensive installation process using high-quality mulch, we’re able to deliver exceptional results. Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how we’ve transformed our customers’ yards. Then contact us today to schedule your design consultation.