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Lawn Care Specialist in Fort Collins, CO

Zak George Landscaping is your trusted source for exceptional lawn care services in Fort Collins, CO. With a strong commitment to excellence; we understand the importance of a well-groomed and healthy lawn. Our skilled team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide a wide range of lawn care services. From precision mowing, edging, and trimming to effective weed control, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure your lawn looks its best. By considering factors like soil conditions, grass types, and local climate, we develop personalized lawn care plans that address the specific needs of your lawn. Read about the lawn care services we provide to residential and commercial properties. When you’re ready to transform your lawn, give our team a call. We’ll discuss your property, needs, styles, and how we can help your lawn stay beautiful throughout every season.

Lawn Care Services in Fort Collins, CO

Our Lawn Care Services

At Zak George Landscaping, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional lawn care services to enhance the beauty and health of your lawn. We provide the following services:


Our team provides professional mowing services to keep your lawn looking neat and well-manicured.


We carefully edge the borders of your lawn to create clean and defined edges.


We trim the grass around trees, shrubs, and other landscape features for a polished appearance.

Weed Control

Our experts use effective weed control techniques to eliminate and prevent the growth of weeds in your lawn.


We offer customized fertilization plans to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.


Our aeration services help improve soil compaction, enhance root growth, and promote better absorption of water and nutrients.


We can oversee your lawn to fill in bare patches and enhance its density and overall health.

Pest Control

Our team is experienced in identifying and treating common lawn pests to protect the health and vitality of your lawn.

Seasonal Cleanup

We provide comprehensive seasonal cleanup services, including leaf and debris removal, to keep your lawn clean and tidy.

Irrigation Services

We offer professional irrigation system installation, repair, and maintenance to ensure your lawn receives the proper amount of water.

Lawn Renovation

If your lawn requires extensive repair or renovation, we have the expertise to transform it into a lush and vibrant landscape.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our team can create a tailored lawn maintenance plan to provide regular care and upkeep for your lawn throughout the year.

Benefits of Ongoing Lawn Care Services

Ongoing lawn care services offer numerous benefits for homeowners. First and foremost, regular maintenance ensures that your lawn remains healthy and vibrant throughout the year. By providing consistent treatments such as fertilization, weed control, and pest management, ongoing lawn care promotes strong grass growth and minimizes the presence of unsightly weeds and pests. Additionally, professional lawn care services can address specific lawn issues such as bare patches, disease, or soil imbalances, helping restore your lawn’s beauty and vitality. Finally, our lawn care services help enhance the overall curb appeal of your property, which adds resale value as well.

Why Zak George Landscaping?

At Zak George Landscaping, we understand that choosing a professional lawn care service is a significant choice. However, we assure you that our team will provide you with complete peace of mind. Our expertise goes beyond basic lawn treatments like fertilizer and weed control. We possess in-depth knowledge of local grasses and larger landscape plantings, allowing us to improve their overall health, color, and vibrancy. As we work on your lawn, we also aim to enhance your home’s curb appeal and value, ensuring that your investment with us yields the best possible results.

Contact Our Team

Take the first step towards bringing your vision to reality by contacting us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that surpass your expectations. Trust in our proven track record, and let us exceed your expectations in creating an outdoor oasis that reflects your unique style and preferences.

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