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Andrea Kussard


Andrea Kussard


Andrea was born and raised in Western Nebraska, she moved to Colorado in 2011 and has been the Office Manager for the ZGL team since 2013. She efficiently handles a multitude of responsibilities to keep us on track and running smooth. Andrea’s vast experience has provided her with outstanding communication and customer service skills that she puts to use daily. Andrea most recently took on a second role as ZGL’s Human Resources Representative. She is excited to be challenged and help better the company and its entirety.

Andrea met her husband Tom in 2012, they wed in 2016, and currently live in the foothills of Livermore, CO. Their love for the mountains has taken them on many adventures, and together they’ve hiked 11 of Colorado’s 14er’s! Andrea and Tom became first-time parents in 2018 to their beautiful daughter Madeline. Andrea also enjoys watching football, especially Husker football (even if it’s not that enjoyable to watch.) While Andrea’s favorite vacation spot is sitting on a beach in Mexico, she has also vacationed in Alaska and Yellowstone as well as most areas of Colorado.

LIKES: Watching football, online shopping, alpacas, music, and the ocean

DISLIKES: Olives, passenger drivers, bugs, repeating herself, and Bud Light

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